Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Why I Just Love Minimalist Decor

Decor in my life hasn't just been for a decorative matter; instead, it's been used as a way to amplify the beautiful sound of my music. In every Band Hall, Orchestra Room, Choir Room, and so forth, the walls and ceiling are made up of small squares and pyramids to help "push" the sound of music further than you'd be able to with bland walls. It's very much the same in places such as auditoriums, or stages (An example would be the Tobin Center, at which I have had the pleasure of performing in myself) where they line the floor with a slick wood and walls with a metallic curve to help, again, "push" your sound even further than if it was just a raised floor. But looking further into the Tobin Center, there is a slight ramp up along the walls that push up towards many second and third level balconies; giving even the people in the highest seats, a wonderful experience. All and all, the decor has helped me, and many other's, share our gift to the world through music, one stage at a time.

Why does décor matter? It doesn’t make us smarter and it definitely doesn’t make us richer. These are two things that are very important in college, smarts, and money. Can one afford college and is one smart enough to get into it? If you are then that means, you’ll be moving away from home and everything that is familiar to you. When I left for college I felt a little out of place. This dorm room wasn’t my room. It didn’t have my signed sketch of Batman or my world map with all the places that I want to travel marked. There wasn’t a string of photos from one wall to the other and where were my Shakespeare posters? None of this was there and it without it the room didn’t feel like my room. I felt like I was staying in a stranger’s room. 

This wasn’t homey or comforting and I didn’t like staying in there. I avoided my room because it didn’t feel like my room. I felt like an intruder to whoever stayed in it last year. That’s when I decided I needed new decorations. I needed décor to make this room feel like home. I hung up a string of lights over a string of photos. I loved how the twinkle lights made the pictures look. I bought a Peter Pan poster and hung it next to my Peter Pan canvas next to my minimalist lamps. I placed my ‘Dorm Sweet Dorm’ rug at the foot of my bed and it started to feel like home. Adding the Sherlock bobble heads to the shelf above my desk made it perfect. I finally felt like my room was my own. What made it even better was that most of these décor items were new so I didn’t have to take much from my room back home so that room still had my vibe to it. Décor not only made my room feel comfortable and reminded me of home but it also boosted my moral. I get so happy showing people my room because each piece of décor in there was picked by me for me and shows my personality off in every way.